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Egg Freezing

Egg freezing or oocyte preservation is a new procedure in the array of assisted reproductive technologies that allows a woman to increase her potential to have a child later in life. Egg Freezing allows a woman to preserve her fertility until she is ready to start her own family. This option is a boon to women who are diagnosed with some medical conditions such as cancer or other illness that may affect their fertility rate. Egg freezing is also an option for healthy women who wish to delay to achieve pregnancy due to some other reasons.With high maternal age,

the ovarian reserve is diminished and the chances to have a successful pregnancy are considerably reduced. This dilemma can be overcome by preserving the healthiest egg during the fertile window of a women to have a baby in later years.

For an egg-freezing cycle, the patient has to go through many of the initial steps of a typical IVF cycle. At Rathimed Fertility Centre, our team will guide you through the process to help you evaluate if this is the right option for you. An outline of the process also helps you understand that it is an easy process and can be performed and coordinated with your schedule. The egg freezing procedure steps includes:

  • Initial consultation with our specialist for a Preliminary fertility testing.
  • Ovulation stimulation: in a normal ovulation cycle, one a single mature egg is released from the ovary. Ovulation stimulation procedure involves the administration of an ovary stimulation drugs to produce and release multiple mature and healthy eggs during the ovulation cycle. Ovulation stimulation medications trigger the follicle to produce and release one or more healthy eggs during the ovulation phase.
  • Ultrasound monitoring: During the treatment phase, ultrasound scans and blood tests are performed to obtain the status on the size and time of release of mature eggs during ovulation.
  • Egg retrieval: When the mature eggs are released, they are retrieved from the tubes through a minor outpatient surgical procedure and are cultured for few hours.
  • Egg Freezing: The cultured eggs are then labelled and preserved through Vitrification process. Vitrification is a rapid freezing process technique with instant temperature drop for minimal damage to the sample. The process involves replacing the water content of the egg by the addition of a cryopreservant thereby reducing the risk of formation of ice crystals. The eggs are stored in specially designed chambers and immersed in liquid nitrogen for flash freezing.

When required, the frozen eggs are thawed and fertilized in vitro by mixing with a concentrated solution of viable sperms to form an embryo. The embryo is then transferred and implanted into the woman uterine cavity for growth and development.

At Rathimed Fertility Centre, we offer the safest and best egg freezing techniques under the management of well experienced infertility specialists and technicians with transparent cost. To know more about egg freezing and fertility preservation techniques and procedure cost, book an appointment now.


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