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Varicocele treatment in Chennai

Varicocele treatment in Chennai

Varicocele is a common condition that occurs in men that can lead to infertility. Varicocele is the enlargement of vein in the scrotum and testicle. Enlarged vein may occur in the left side or in both sides of the scrotum. When a vein is enlarged, the vein’s valve that pumps blood upward becomes dysfunctional causing blood to pool in the affected side of the scrotum resulting in swelling, testicular shrinkage, pain and infertility. Rathimed Fertility Centre offers safe and effective treatment options to restore the fertility of the male by repairing the enlarged vein.

Symptoms of Varicocele

In most cases, the condition remains unidentified till the patient experience fertility problems. Male with infertility issues will undergo a semen analysis followed by a physical exam to investigate the chances of varicocele condition.

However, few symptoms beside infertility include the following:

  • A dull ache or heaviness in the testicle
  • A swelling or mass in the scrotum
  • One testicle visibly smaller than the other

How a Varicocele May Cause Infertility

The varicocele is associated with infertility as they interfere in following factors:

  • Lowers sperm count,
  • Increases the risk of sperm DNA damage
  • Poor sperm morphology
  • Poor sperm movement

The theory behind the cause of infertility by the varicocle is that the veins in the scrotum enlarge causing a blood pool on the affected side of the scrotum. The blood pool raises the overall temperature in the scrotum and testicles and the heat generated from the blood pool damages the sperm. It is also stated that poor blood circulation and oxygenation can also lead to increased levels of toxins in the scrotum and testicles which in turn results in poor sperm health.

Varicocele Treatment

The action plan to treat varicocele depends on factors such as:

  • Size of the varicocele
  • Severity of pain
  • Presence of additional fertility factors

Varicocele treatment options include:

  • Microsurgical varicocelectomy: The procedure is minimally invasive and is performed by highly skilled surgeon of Rathimed Fertility centre. The procedure is done via the groin, by a single incision on the side of the penis and uses a microscope to aid in the vein repair.

Success rates of varicocele treatment vary from person to person, but overall fertility rate is considerably increased after the treatment procedures. The recovery period ranges from 3 to 4 months to display improvement in sperm quality. Follow up semen analysis is conducted after the recovery period to analyse the effectiveness of treatment. Once the desirable semen quality is achieved, the semen sample is collected to perform the IVF process and enables the conception using partner sperms. Rathimed offers safe and effective comprehensive treatment plans to treat any mild or severe male fertility issues. To know more about varicocele condition and to understand various infertility causing conditions that are treatable by our expertise doctors, book an appointment now.


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