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Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen embryo transfer involves using one or more preserved embryos for embryo transfer into the uterine cavity. The frozen embryos are thawed and transferred into the uterus for implantation and pregnancy. Rathimed Fertility Centre offers safe fertility preservation procedures that enable the couples to freeze and preserve an embryo, egg or sperm for future use.
During an IVF cycle, multiple mature eggs are retrieved from the ovaries for the production of one or more healthy embryos in one treatment cycle. From among them, may be only one or two embryos are used for the embryo transfer and


the rest of the embryos are freeze preserved for use if required. If a previously performed embryo transfer failed to implant due to any reason, the fertility specialist uses the frozen and preserved embryo for achieving desired results. Thus embryo freezing eliminates the need for undergoing repeated treatment cycles to produce embryos for implantation.

The fertility specialist freezes your embryos when:

  • Some viable embryos left after embryo transfer of the IVF cycle
  • To preserve your fertility for later use

What does a frozen embryo transfer involve?

During an IVF treatment, the embryos are developed in-vitro and are examined regularly for their growth and development. If due to any reason, the couples wish to postpone the embryo transfer, the embryos are placed in individual straws in a special solution to protect them and frozen in liquid nitrogen to prevent crystallization and damage of the embryo.

When the couples are ready to use the embryos, they are removed from storage and carefully thawed and prepared for transfer. The embryo is then transferred into the uterine cavity for implantation at the right time of the cycle. The embryos are mostly frozen at the blastocyst (multi-celled) stage of development as they reduce the risks of damage and increase the chances of implantation and pregnancy. Freezing an embryo does not affect the success rate of an IVF cycle. It has been recorded that the pregnancy rates were much superior if embryos were put back frozen instead of fresh.

Rathimed Fertility Centre offers fertility preservation program for women with opportunity to conceive a child in the future. For those couples who are interested to preserve their fertility or wish to postpone the pregnancy, step into our center to talk with the best fertility specialist and discuss your options for a healthy parenthood. To know more about the frozen embryo transfer and treatment cost, book an appointment now.