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Patient education

Have you been trying to conceive without success? It has been estimated that about one in six couples will have difficulty in conceiving and may require professional fertility specialist for diagnosing and testing to understand the possible causes of infertility. Numerous reasons can account for infertility in males and females. Finding the right diagnosing strategy and individualized treatment plan is crucial to resolving any mild or severe barriers to conception. With many years of collective experience diagnosing and treating infertility, Rathimed Fertility Centre is one of the best IVF center in Chennai. Our infertility specialists can help you evaluate all of your options to follow an appropriate course of infertility treatment. We understand the stress experienced by the couples due to the infertility issues and provide support and care to manage emotions during the fertility treatment process.

When should I see an infertility specialist?

If the couples are not able to conceive even after a year of unsuccessful regular unprotected intercourse, then the immediate medical advice is recommended. As the women age also plays an important role in conception, women with high maternal age (older than 30) should visit an infertility specialist after six months of unsuccessful intercourse.

Who are eligible for in vitro fertilization?

IVF is usually recommended for couples who have:

  • Absent or blocked fallopian tubes
  • Severe male factor infertility
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Abnormal reproductive endocrinological issues
  • An inherited genetic disease
  • Recurrent pregnancy failure

At Rathimed Fertility Centre we offer comprehensive care suitable for each patient health condition from highly-trained healthcare and specialty experts with access to the latest treatment options and up-to-date health information and guidance.


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