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How should I get ready for fibroid surgery?

How should I get ready for fibroid surgery?

January 24, 2022

A pelvic ultrasound and in some circumstances, an MRI is suggested to recognise the size and location of the fibroid. 

In case of big fibroids, you may be given medicine to shrink the fibroids a little before surgery to reduce the period of the surgery.

You should talk to our gynaecologist about whether any of your medications need to be dropped before the procedure. 

“You may also have to undertake blood tests as part of a pre-anaesthetic check-up. During this consultation, you will meet anaesthetists who will take a thorough history and ask about any reactions you may have to anaesthesia.”

Remember, you will have to fast for 6-8 hours earlier to surgery.

What are the steps involved in Myomectomy in Chennai?

Our gynaecologist will make 3-4 incisions (half an inch in size) in the stomach and introduce laparoscopic instruments through them. The abdomen is then magnified with carbon dioxide to make space for the instruments to work inside the abdomen. 

You may ask “How will the fibroid come out of such a small incision?”

At Rathimed, we make an incision on the uterus and peel out the fibroid through the small holes in the abdomen. Big fibroids are cut into pieces using a specialized instrument called a morcellator and then removed.”

The incision in the uterus is later sewed up using laparoscopic instruments.  

How long does it take to recover from laparoscopic myomectomy?

The benefit of a laparoscopic myomectomy over an open surgery is that you can go home walking the next day.

You will be able to get better from surgery within 2-3 weeks.

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