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When Should You See a Fertility Specialist?

When Should You See a Fertility Specialist?

December 10, 2021

Infertility is a medicinalailment that is time-sensitive. Don’t put your fertility period on hold until the “right time” comes, because when infertility is found out, the right time to act is now. 

Have you been trying for a child for more than a year without any positive results? Then chances are that you need medical help to conceive successfully. This window is smaller for couples above 35, who should seek professional advice after trying for 6 months.

Why Should You Not Delay Treatment?

  • The ovarian reserve declines with every menstrual cycle
  • Advanced age is connected to increased risk of miscarriage
  • Fertility screening tests stretch over days/lead to further tests
  • You may have to make lifestyle changes before beginning treatment
  • The treatment may need multiple attempts or might get delayed

What’s The Next Right Step? 

IVF treatment in Chennai at Rathimed Fertility has a Couple Screening Package to fast-track your fertility journey. Its components include:

A fertility consultation at your preferred date and time

Screening tests for the female partner: Ultrasound scan and Anti-Mullerian Hormone Screening tests for the male partner: Semen analysis

Female infertility treatment in Chennai package consist of preliminary tests which will help diagnose essential infertility issues and guide you to make an informed decision concerning the next step forward.

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